November 21, 2020

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Hanshi Rick Diaz Martial Arts Biography

Seiko Hanshi Rick Diaz has been teaching martial arts for over 45 years. He holds a 10 Dan from Grand Master Peter Urban. His dojo Hall number is #010.

In 1964, Seiko Hanshi Diaz began studying in the Korean Art of Tae Kwon Do. He began researching different arts and changed his focus and his training to Shotokan with Tommy Torres in Brooklyn.  Hanshi Diaz was browsing through martial arts magazines where he came upon Master Peter Urban. Hanshi found Urban?s teachings fascinating and in 1966 began training with Master Urban in the style of USA Goju Ryu.  Hanshi Diaz remained loyal to Grand Master Urban until his death in 2004. Hanshi Diaz was one of the last students to receive his 10 Dan in Goju Ryu under the Grand Master. An accomplishment that is immeasurable.

Throughout the years, Hanshi Diaz has also trained under many great martial artists such as Grand Master Chaka Zulu in Nisei Goju, Grand Master Ron Van Clief- Chinese Goju and has a 5th Dan in Aiki Jitsu ? 5th Dan. Hanshi Diaz has been inducted into two Martial Arts Halls of Fame-one in 2002 and more recently 2008.

Hanshi Diaz currently teaches in Queens and the Bronx in New York. He considers himself a ?kata? man. Seiko Hanshi takes the martial arts very serious.  He is a traditionalist and his training methods are that of the old school Japanese.

Hanshi Diaz has been hosting and promoting Martial Arts venues for over 20 years. His tournament is always a lot of fun with free giveaways for the children, fair judging with a very diversified competitor list. His tournament attracts the finest Martial Arts Masters from the tri state area as well as the finest competitors.

10th Dan Certificate issued by Grand Master Peter Urban